Balloon flights

Best panoramic view of the island!

Enjoy an hour watching Mallorca from the air and watching your sunset as you land.

The "lovely flights" are special as customers have more space in the basket and are served a glass of cava or champagne on board.

The flights are private or in small groups to not mass and are carried out in the evenings, unless the client wishes in the morning. The take-offs are usually from the coast and fly over the mountain area that offers the best view of Mallorca. Guarantee 100% security, with public from children from 4 years to people over 80-90 years.

Finally the exclusive flight: "only for 2" This flight is your star product, but also the most expensive: € 250 per person. For this flight they use the balloon "MONTGOLFIERE" which is classified as the most beautiful balloon in the world. It is a replica of the first one that flew in France in 1783.

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