Can Cera Gastro-Bar

Nouvelle Cuisine, Mediterranean and Majorcan flavors in a tapa

Can Cera-Gastro Bar is a unique gastronomic experience. Modern, detailed and cozy place where receipts are carefully elaborated with quality products and seasonal ingredients. Chef puts his finishing touch with an avant-garde presentation. Mediterranean and Majorcan Cuisine fusion.

Here some of the most representative dishes:

  • Crispy bread with Ramallet tomato and extra virgin olive oil
  • Burrata– Italian cheese salad with seasonal tomatoes, basil oil, Kalamata olives and rocket salad
  • Fresh artichokes with olive oil and Parmesan cheese slices
  • Majorcan style sautéed vegetables and seafood
  • Smoked salmon cubes with dill mustard, butter and pane carasatu
  • Confit suckling pig with its garnish
  • Aubergine stuffed with meat

         Chef's name: Margarita Bestard

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