The only Belgian beer brewed in Majorca

Toutatis was the dream of a Belgian Architect, Michel Campioni, who fell in love with the island more than two decades ago.

Michel used to elaborate handcraft beer—one of his greatest passions—on a small scale. Today, it is a dream come true and Toutatis is a “premium” beer elaborated in Majorca through the original process of Belgian abbeys. A unique flavor with a bitter touch and the essential ingredients are malt and hop from Belgium.

Toutatis beers do not content any stabilizers, preservatives or flavor enhancers; cereals are neither genetically modified.

Toutatis has a strong relation with the rural environment since the beginning of the project. Ingredients “self grown” by bordering farmers are combined with Belgium malts and hops, maintaining their original flavor. In the same way, respecting the philosophy of this project, the materials leftover from the production are recycled or reused. 

Toutatis is elaborated in an ancient Cellar in Cas Canar (Sencelles), in the most important wine are in Majorca. The building has been reformed remaining its original essence.

Furthermore, the cellar is an open space where courses and tastings are offered. 

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