Santanyí's Market

Open-air marketplace with more than 150 stands

Every Wednesday and Saturday (not public holiday) this open-air market is set in Plaza Mayor and surrounding streets of Santanyí.

It is during spring and summer when the market receives more visitants. Lately, the market has become a model and people from different parts of the island come to visit it. It is another town’s tourist spot and local media reflect this event.

It started as a traditional fruits and vegetable market. However, increasing demand has made it a great market with more than 150 stands. Now you can find there not only fruits and vegetables, but also food stands (cheese, olives, cold meat, tinned food, pies, crepes, seasons, etc.); drinks (wines and liquors), clothing, shoes and accessories, flowers and plants, kitchen tools, decorative elements and home-made (soap, glass, baskets, Santinyí’s stone sculpture, home-made accessories, etc.). 

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