Bimil Lounge

Charm of a small, hidden gem

Restaurant Bimil Lounge is based on family recipes, inspired by the imperial meal, refined with a touch of imagination. Dishes combine only the best of Korean and Majorcan and, above all, they are unlike anything you have ever encountered.

A combination between classical contemporary and traditional Korean cuisine and a Andres Serra Gonzales’ design, as special as the flavor of the dishes.

Yang-Soon Kang runs this restaurant relying more on instinct and his cousein Dongjin Hwang is the chef in charge of Bimil kitchen. He moved from South Korea to Mallorca to be in charge of this kitchen with a luggage full of cooking awards, his grandmother’s recipes and a vision of breaking the bounds of imagination.

A unique gourmet experience with a clear philosophy: “Each client is my Emperor”. 

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